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AEONMED NeoBip BF25A Auto BiPAP Machine with Humidifier

Original price was: 80,000.00৳ .Current price is: 70,000.00৳ .

AEONMED introduces a cutting-edge series of Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) devices with the following advanced features:

Color Touch Screen Display.

The device seamlessly integrates with a heated humidifier, adjusting and connecting effortlessly through infrared technology. When deactivated, the AUTO DRY technology initiates, efficiently removing moisture from the circuit and mask produced by the humidifier. This process effectively reduces the risk of pathogen development.

AEONMED NeoBip BF25A Auto BiPAP Machine with Humidifier Price in BD

NeoBip BiPAP AutoBilevel 25A AEONMED New NeoBip Series Advanced Digital Technology Smaller and more compact..! Don’t just compare price but quality, service, and features onboard…! latest technology in Bilevel equipment.

NeoBip Aeonmed is an AutoBilevel / BiPAP type Auto S/ S/ CPAP that offers a wide range of superior patient-focused technologies to create a truly intelligent, precise, and silent sleep therapy system. Easy operation: 4.3-inch color touch screen and easy-to-use menu. Air conditioning: The NeoBip BF25A includes a Thermo-humidifier; the degree of humidification is adjustable to reach the ideal air temperature, making its use more comfortable. Silent operation: the noise level is less than 28 dBA, making it one of the lowest noise devices. The lightest and smallest on the market: only 1.26 kg of light and compact design, easy for travel (the smallest BiPAP on the market). 


CPAP: VENTILATION MODES Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mode, suitable for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

AUTO S: Intelligent regulation of inspiratory pressure to ensure a more smooth and comfortable breath

S: Spontaneous ventilation mode, suitable for patients with spontaneous respiratory

  • More than 20 years of technology accumulated a unique pressure control algorithm. Rapidly and automatically switch acc. to patient’s I/E efforts to prove good synchronization.
  • 4.3 Inches high-resolution colorful screen. Exquisite UI design, multi-theme of the monitored parameters on one screen
  • Touchscreen and highly flexible navigator knob. Easy to operate.
  • Light-Weighted 1.26kg. Convenient for home and traveling
  • Silent The noise level achieved is less than 30dB, as contributed by research from an experienced team.
  • The portable Detachable design of the main unit and humidifier meets the different demands of the user.

Technical specifications

  • Ventilation modes include CPAP, BiPAP S, BiPAP T, BiPAP ST, VGPS (Guaranteed Volume), and AUTO.
  • A user-friendly menu is available in Greek.
  • Option for connecting to a low-flow oxygen supply.
  • Advanced alarm system covering all vital parameters.
  • Built-in memory for recording patient treatment data, facilitating easy data transfer for further analysis on a computer.
  • Pressure Range: 4-25 cmH2O.
  • The Neobip Device BF25A is approved and registered in the Greek National Organization for Healthcare Services Provision (EOPYY) reimbursable materials list with a unique barcode, classified as a BiPAP S device.

Pressure rise slope: 6 levels adjustable

As fast as 150ms for pressure rise and responds immediately to patient’s inspiratory trigger, ensuring smooth breaths. 6-Level adjustment helps to ease the work of respiratory muscles. It greatly improves the synchronization with the device and meets the various needs of patients.

HEPA Filter (optional)

Fold-type PM2.5 filtration enlarges the filtering area and effectively removes PM2.5 particles from the air.

Wifi Module (optional)

Easily check the therapy data from the Mobile Phone APP.

SpO2 Model (optional) 

Cooperate with the treatment process, monitor patient’s oxygen saturation in real-time, and easily be aware of the treatment effect.

Intended for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea for adults or pulmonary insufficiency patients who need respiratory support.




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