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Creative PC-66B Handheld Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter

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  • 2.2 inch TFT display of SpO2, PI, waveform and PR
  • Various SpO2 probes for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonate
  • Built-in lithium battery or AA battery
  • Up to 384 hours of SpO2 data storage for review
  • PC analysis software for data upload and review
  • Adjustable alarm limits, pitch tone level, and key tone
  • Brand CREATIVE
  • Model PC-66
  • Origin CHINA

Convenient and Reliable Health Monitoring – The Creative PC-66B Handheld Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter

The Creative PC-66B Handheld Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter is your portable companion for accurate blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) readings. This user-friendly device is essential for individuals managing respiratory or cardiovascular health, athletes tracking performance, or anyone seeking proactive health monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Bright Display: The 2.2-inch TFT display clearly shows SpO2, PR, pulse intensity, and a plethysmograph waveform for easy analysis.
  • Rechargeable Power: The built-in lithium battery offers lasting use and the convenience of recharging, eliminating frequent battery changes.
  • Adjustable Alarms: Set custom audible alarms to notify you when your SpO2 or pulse rate readings fall outside your preferred range.
  • Data Storage: Stores up to 384 hours of SpO2 data, allowing you to track trends and share information with your healthcare provider.
  • Multiple Probe Options: Compatible with various SpO2 probes designed for adults, children, and neonates (probes may be sold separately).


  • On-the-Go Monitoring: Take this handheld device anywhere for health checks whenever needed.
  • Simple Operation: Intuitive design provides quick and accurate readings.
  • Informed Health Choices: Monitor your oxygen levels and pulse rate for proactive health management.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for home, sports activities, or clinical settings.

Get your Creative PC-66B Handheld Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter today and take charge of your health!


  • Non-invasive Measurement.
  • The Creative Medical Grade PC66B Handheld Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Meter can be used for 24-hour Overnight Continuous Monitoring and has an alarm reminder (the alarm limit is adjustable).
  • It’s intended for measuring the SpO2(blood oxygen saturation)Pulse Rate(PR), and PI(Perfusion Index).
  • Suitable for infants/newborns(oximeter measuring on baby foot)pediatrics, and adults.
  • It’s available and widely used for home use and doctorsnursesclinics, and medical environment healthcare facilities are comfortable monitoring.
  • Support Free App Download for Android and iOS devices of real-time measurement and display via Bluetooth connection.
  • Up to 384 hours of SpO2 data storage for review
  • Support PC software for data management.
    • 2.2-inch TFT( Thin Film Transistor) display for SpO2(blood oxygen saturation)Pulse Rate(PR)PI(Perfusion Index), and Plethysmogram.
    • Various SpO2 probes for newborns/neonates/infantschildren/pediatrics/kids, and adults particularly
 (Notes: 1. Adult probes can also be used for children/pediatric; 2. Neonates/Newborn probes are optional).
    • Built-in lithium battery or AA battery for continuous monitoring
    • They are equipped with artifact removal and anti-motion performance.
    • Adjustable pitch tone level, and key tone.

Pulse Oximeter Creative PC 66 8

SpO2 Transducer Dual-wavelength LED sensor
Measuring range 35%~100%
Measuring accuracy ±2 (range from 70% to 100%)
Pulse Rate Measuring range 30bpm~250bpm
Measuring accuracy ±2bpm or ±2%
Perfusion Index PI Range 0.2%~20%
Data Storage Up to 384 hours
Display 2.2 TFT display
Power Supply AA disposable battery or Lithium battery
Charging USB cable with adapter
Dimension 61 mm (L) × 33 mm (W) × 32.5 mm (H)
Net Weight 57g
Data Upload USB cable
Operating Environment Operating Temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃
Operating Humidity: 30%~80%





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