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Resvent iBreeze 20C CPAP Machine

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The iBreeze 20C CPAP is designed to make your sleep more comfortable and safer. Its compact design and user-friendly interface ensure convenience. The intelligent humidifier monitors water levels continuously, enhancing safety with its plug-and-seal feature. The CPAP-V feature allows pressure adjustment over a set time for personalized therapy. Plus, the unique IPR algorithm enhances comfort during ventilation therapy.

Package Includes:

  • Resvent iBreeze 20C CPAP Machine with humidifier (Main Unit)
  • Tube
  • Power cord
  • Filter
  • Carrying bag
  • User Manual

With its reliable performance and thoughtful design, the iBreeze 20C CPAP is your trusted sleep companion.

Resvent iBreeze 20C CPAP Machine Price in BD

The Resvent iBreeze 20C CPAP Machine is a reliable option for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by delivering continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  • Quiet and Compact Design: The iBreeze 20C is designed to be quiet for a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s also relatively compact, making it easy to place on your bedside table.

  • Intelligent Pressure Release (IPR) Algorithm: This feature delivers personalized comfort during therapy by providing a gentle pressure release when you exhale.

  • Integrated Humidifier with Smart Water Level Monitoring: The built-in humidifier helps prevent dry mouth and congestion by adding moisture to the air. The humidifier also features continuous water level monitoring and will alert you when it’s time to refill.

  • Leakage Compensation: The iBreeze 20C automatically adjusts pressure to account for mask leaks, ensuring you receive the prescribed level of therapy.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The control panel is easy to use, with clear buttons and an informative display.

  • CPAP-V for Pressure Titration: This feature allows your doctor to adjust your CPAP pressure for optimal treatment remotely.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Resvent iBreeze 20C CPAP Machine also comes with the following:

  • Standard CPAP mode
  • Ramp time to ease you into sleep
  • Circuit compensation
  • Altitude compensation
  • Data output for monitoring therapy progress





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