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Resvent iBreeze 20C Pro CPAP Machine

Original price was: 80,000.00৳ .Current price is: 70,000.00৳ .


  • Weight 1.35 kg
  • Dimensions 22.2×12.5×12.2 cm
  • Screen 3.5 inches, color
  • Noise level ≤ 28 dB
  • CPAP pressure range 4-20 cmH_2O
  • Static pressure accuracy 0.5 cmH 2 O
  • Dynamic pressure accuracy 1 cmH 2 O
  • Humidifier – availability
  • CPAP mode, CPAP-V

Resvent iBreeze 20C Pro CPAP Machine Price in BD

Unique IPR (intelligent pressure release) algorithm offers more comfort during ventilation therapy and continuous water level monitoring that maximizes safety.

The iBreeze series intelligent humidifier is designed with a plug-and-seal water tank, which means that the system will continuously monitor the water level and stop heating to give a visible alert should the water level become too low. This technology prevents patient discomfort caused by dry air.

The Resvent iBreeze series ramp is designed to help patients fall asleep comfortably. The system will maintain low pressure to have an easier start until the patient has fallen asleep; thereafter, the standard ramp will be implemented.

Leakage compensation, circuit compensation, and altitude compensation guarantee accuracy and synchronization.

Features and Benefits of iBreeze 20C Pro

  • Compact design with user-friendly interface.
  • Sealed smart humidifier with continuous water level monitoring for maximum safety.
  • Numerous therapeutic parameters for better clinical assessment.
  • Unique IPR (Intelligent Pressure Relief) algorithm provides greater comfort during ventilation therapy.
  • CPAP-V mode, which is a combination of APAP and CPAP modes. It allows you to use APAP mode to titrate under pressure for a specified time, and then CPAP mode will use the calculated optimal pressure.
  • E-COMP (comfort adaptation function) allows you to start treatments with 50% pressure, which will then be increased in steps of 1 cmH 2 O per day, making it easier for new users to get used to the therapy.
  • The free iMatrix app helps you monitor your therapy via computer or phone.
  • Integrated intelligent heated humidifier
  • Easy compliance monitoring and information
  • 4-20 CMH20
  • Pressure relief assistance
  • Multi-language setting
  • Time and alarm clock

Comfort parameters

E-COMP, Ramp, automatic. Ramp, IPR (intelligent pressure release), mask fit, respiratory event detection, automatic height adjustment, automatic. ON/OFF, leakage compensation.

Additional functions

Auto-adjustment of screen brightness, energy-saving mode, time and alarm, multi-language setting, self-test, patient report on the main screen, SpO 2 measurement .

Humidifier functions

Integrated humidifier, auto-humidity, heating, inclined water tank leakage protection, water level detection, intelligent pipe drying.


  • iBreeze 20C Pro device,
  • humidifier,
  • corrugated tube (hose),
  • power cable,
  • user instructions,
  • warranty card.





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