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BMC RESmart G2S B20A/B25A Auto Bipap Machine

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G2S B20S / B25S are bi-level devices for users who are not well compliant with a fixed-pressure CPAP device.

G2S series BPAP Systems adopt intelligent synchronization technologies, including adjustable trigger settings (I Sens and E Sens) and ¡nspiration time control (Ti Min and Ti-Max) etc

The BMC G2S B20A / B25A are advanced bi-level devices with built-in humidifiers, perfect for treating adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) at home or in the hospital. Their friendly design, reliable performance, and top-notch comfort features help eliminate snoring, letting you and your family enjoy a full night’s sleep.

These devices have practical features like delay time, air leakage compensation, Reslex, and automatic on/off functions. You can easily access usage reports via the app, device, PC, or respiratory health management platform.

The BMC G2S models feature colour LCD screens (2.4 inches for the B20A and 3.5 inches for the B25A) displaying important real-time parameter information.

With Eco smart heating technology, the humidifiers provide targeted heating, reduce energy consumption, and enhance humidification.

Enjoy peace of mind with their excellent after-sales support.


  • Newly designed integrated humidifier
  • Auto S function
  • Professional data management
  • Upgraded heating technology
  • Real-time parameter display
  • Excellent after-sales support


Model Pressure (cmH2O) Mode Screen Size (inches)
G2S B20A 4 – 20 CPAP, S, AutoS 2.4
G2S B25A 4 – 25 CPAP, S, AutoS 3.5


BMC Medical Co., Ltd

BMC Medical Co., Ltd


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