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BMC RESmart G2S B20T BiPAP Machine

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BMC RESmart G2S B20T BiPAP Machine is an advanced medical device that assists individuals with respiratory difficulties, such as sleep apnea. This Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machine offers dual pressure settings for inhalation (IPAP) and exhalation (EPAP), providing more tailored and comfortable breathing support compared to traditional CPAP machines. Key features include a compact, lightweight design, user-friendly interface, quiet operation, integrated humidifier, and advanced data tracking capabilities. The G2S B20T is engineered to enhance compliance and improve users’ overall sleep quality by delivering consistent and reliable respiratory therapy.

The package includes the Main Device (2.4-inch LCD, with integrated Humidifier and water chamber inside),

AC/DC Power Adapter, Power Cord, Air Tubing, Air Filter, Carrying Case, User Manual, Quick Operation Manual

The G2S series BPAP Systems adopt intelligent synchronization technologies, including adjustable trigger settings (I Sens and E Sens) and inspiration time control (Ti Min and Ti-Max).

Automatic leakage and altitude compensation ensure the therapy is accurate anywhere.

The reflex exhalation pressure release feature lets you easily fall asleep at a lower pressure.

Real-time display – Pressure (waveform), Flow (waveform), Vte, Respiratory Rate, Minute Ventilation, Leak, Inspiration Time.

  • Designed with an integrated humidifier, RESmart G2S is smaller, lighter, and more affable.
  • 2.4-inch color screen with real-time parameters display and user-friendly interface.
  • 3-button control panel, simple and easy to use.


BMC Medical Co., Ltd

BMC Medical Co., Ltd


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