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Gima Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress with Alternating Pressure System

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  • Model: HF62012
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Weight Capacity: 150KG
  • Material: PVC 0.3mm
  • Dimension: 190*82*7.0cm

Gima Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress with Alternating Pressure System Price in BD

Key Features for Bedsore Prevention

  • Alternating Pressure: This mattress alternates which air cells inflate and deflate, shifting body weight and relieving pressure on vulnerable areas. This prevents ulcers from forming due to prolonged, constant pressure.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Many Gima models include a pressure knob on the pump, allowing you to customize the level of firmness and support to suit the patient’s needs.
  • Quiet Operation: The pump is designed to be low-noise, ensuring minimal disturbance for the patient’s rest.

Additional Benefits

  • Heavy-Duty Material: Made with durable, medical-grade materials to withstand long-term use.
  • Easy to Clean: The mattress material is easy to wipe down and sanitize.
  • Convenient for Hospital or Home: The included hooks allow the pump to be hung on a bed frame for easy placement.


  • Mattress Material: Typically PVC
  • Weight Capacity: Varies by model – check with the retailer for the specific product you’re considering.
  • Cycle Time: Alternating pressure cycles vary by model.
  • Pump Features: Adjustable airflow, quiet operation, hooks for bed frame.

Why Choose the Gima Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress?

The Gima Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress is a reliable and effective solution for preventing bedsores in patients who are bedridden or have limited mobility. It’s a good choice for both healthcare facilities and at-home care.

Alternating the Pressure Pump And Pad System improves patient comfort while providing effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Alternating Pressure Mattress is ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals, and homes. The use of alternating pressure pads increases patient comfort. These pressure prevention products help keep the patient cool and speed recovery. The control unit is simple to operate and fits easily into the home care setting without disturbing the patient. The filter of the alternating pressure pad is easy to change. Variable Pressure settings on the Deluxe alternating pressure pump can be set for comfort and maximum results. The bubble pad design provides superior treatment. Built-in bracket helps in mounting the alternating pressure mattress easily to bed. It includes an illuminated on/off switch and a hook for attachment to the bed. The pad size is 78 inches x 34 inches. The height of the inflated cell is 2 inches

Compressor Features:

1. Pump: The pump has a copper motor and a fixed hook for fixing on bed frame.
2. The pump is simple, reliable and easy to use.
3. There is quiet pump operation which leads to low noise, low vibration, and low temperature.
4. There is a rotating knob to easily adjust the pressure.
5. The mattress is made of durable heavy, low-toxic material.
6. Bubbles on A-B lines alternating inflating provides superior therapeutic treatment.

Compressor Specifications:

1. Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz
2. Air Output Capacity: 6-7 Liter/Minute
3. Cycle Time: 06 Minute
4. Pressure Range: 70-130 mmHg
5. Weight: 3.5kg

Air Mattress Features:

1. The material of the air mattress is durable and high-quality
2. The package includes a repair kit for future use.
3. The characteristics of the mattress include maximum user weight as 130 to 150 kg and mattress dimensions as 200*90 centimeter approx.
4. The material of the air mattress is PVC and there is use of latest technology.

Air Mattress Specifications:

1. Size: 200cm(L)x90cm(W)x6.5cm(H)
2. Material: Medical grade PVC, Non Toxic
3. PVC Thickness: 0.3 mm
4. Max. Weight Bearing: 120-150kg
7. There is also a heavy-duty bubble-style pad for better comfort.
8. A puncture repair kit is included in the package.

Items in the Box:

  1. Bubble Type Air Mattress
  2. High-Quality Rubber Tube
  3. Pressure Pump
  4. Repairing Kit
  5. Instruction Manual




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