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Islam Oxygen Cylinder full Setup Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

Original price was: 12,000.00৳ .Current price is: 10,500.00৳ .

Islam Oxygen Cylinder full Setup Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

Islam Oxygen Cylinder is one of the best oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. It is a high-quality oxygen cylinder for home use. Islam oxygen cylinders are highly recommended by doctors An Islam oxygen cylinder can be used continuously for 20-24 hours at 1 liter per minute.

Product Description:

  • Brand: Islam
  • Origin: China Wheat: 13 kg
  • Capacity: 2000 PSI
  • Purity: 99.97%
  • Height: 3 feet (36 inches)

Emphasizing Reliability and Quality

  • Peace of Mind for Your Respiratory Needs The Islam Oxygen Cylinder Full Setup This comprehensive oxygen delivery system is designed for reliable home use. It features a high-quality cylinder ensuring a consistent supply of medical-grade oxygen, a flow meter for precise control, and a convenient trolley for ease of movement. Ideal for those requiring supplemental oxygen therapy.

Highlighting Ease of Use

  • Breathe Easier with the Islam Oxygen Cylinder Full Setup Experience effortless oxygen therapy at home. This user-friendly setup includes everything you need: an oxygen cylinder, flow meter, nozzle, and a sturdy trolley for easy portability. Say goodbye to complicated equipment and enjoy the freedom of a self-contained oxygen solution.

Short and Informative

  • Islam Oxygen Cylinder Full Setup: Your Home Oxygen Solution This package includes a high-capacity oxygen cylinder, a precision flow meter for accurate dosage, a comfortable oxygen nozzle, and a wheeled trolley for effortless maneuverability. Choose Islam Oxygen for dependable oxygen therapy in the comfort of your home.
Flow Rate (LPM)

1 to 15


3 feet (36 inches)

Oxygen Flow

Continuous Flow


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12 KG


Islam Oxygen

Islam Oxygen


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