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ResFree R30S BiPAP Machine

Original price was: 90,000.00৳ .Current price is: 80,000.00৳ .

  • Work Mode
  • Pressure Range: 4~30 cmH2o
  • SPO₂ Kit: Yes
  • Display: 5 inches
  • Heating Tube: Optional
  • Boost Sensitivity: 3 Levels
  • Ramp: 0-60 minutes
  • Automatic Switch: Yes
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment: Yes
  • Noise: 30bB
  • Humidifier: 0-5 Level
  • Auto on/off: Yes
  • Data Management Cloud Platform: Yes
  • Leakage Compensation: Yes
  • Therapy Data Storage: Yes
  • Size: 243 x 181 x 110mm
  • Weight: 1.3 Kg

ResFree R-30S BiPAP Machine: Experience Advanced Sleep Apnea Therapy

The ResFree R-30S BiPAP Machine delivers exceptional comfort and effective treatment for sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions. Its intelligent features and user-friendly design provide a personalized night-time therapy experience.

The ResFree R30S BiPAP machine uses an SPO2 sensor to improve therapeutic comfort and includes a built-in humidifier. Its AutoB mode, built-in nighttime mode continuously tracks ventilation and upper airway parameters. Also automatically changes to simplify patient titration. This machine can easily and quickly connect to the network using WiFi and has an SD card that can be used to monitor using software on the host computer.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive Pressure Technology: The machine automatically adjusts pressure throughout the night, ensuring optimal comfort and therapy effectiveness based on your breathing patterns.
  • Integrated Humidifier: Provides essential moisture for comfortable breathing, minimizing dryness or irritation.
  • Smart Monitoring: Tracks your breathing patterns and makes adjustments as needed for a seamless and responsive therapy session.
  • Night Mode: Special settings designed to minimize disruption and maximize sleep quality.
  • Quiet Operation: Sleep soundly without distracting noises from the machine.
  • Data Tracking: Monitor your sleep therapy progress and make informed decisions about your health.

Benefits of the ResFree R-30S BiPAP Machine

  • Sleep Soundly: Wake up refreshed and energized thanks to effective sleep apnea management.
  • Feel More Alert: Beat daytime fatigue caused by disrupted sleep.
  • Improve Well-being: Proper sleep hygiene is linked to better overall health and quality of life.

Intelligent constant temperature preheating in advance

Optional function of heating pipeline can ensure the output gas temperature and make the patient more comfortable during the treatment. Preheat in advance to avoid using the air too cold in winter.

Automatic light recognition

Under different light intensities, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted, which is clearly visible under strong light and away from the stimulation of bright lights at night.

Precise target tidal volume algorithm

Accurately calculate the tidal volume of each breath, compare the average value with the target value, calculate the pressure support required to reach the target value, and ensure the target tidal volume.

Data Management Cloud Services

The machine can directly use wifi to connect to the network conveniently and quickly, with a SD card to check the usage through the host computer software, conduct comprehensive data analysis and generate usage reports. After binding the device to the cloud platform, users can remotely view data reports and usage trend graphs through mobile phones or computers.

Intelligent delay boost/ Pressure stable output

Intelligently adjust the pressure according to the user’s falling asleep to improve the user’s comfort. The pressure sensor with high sensitivity and good stability is used to precisely control the treatment pressure and reduce the impact of pressure changes on the user. Built-in overnight mode in AutoB mode continuously monitors ventilation and upper airway conditions and automatically adjusts to simplify patient titration and treatment.

SPO₂ Kit Optional

Real-time monitoring of the patient’s blood oxygen saturation, so that the patient’s blood oxygen level is stable, and it is easy to trim various functional organs of the body, so that the patient can easily maintain the treatment effect.

Multi-mode selection/ Curative effect upgrade

The intelligent APAP mode sets the operating pressure according to the patient’s last use record to ensure that there will not be too many breathing events during sleep, and the treatment effect and comfort are better. Corresponding to the needs of different users, it provides a variety of treatment modes to choose from, so as to achieve the treatment

Upgrade your sleep therapy with the ResFree R-30S BiPAP machine, designed for maximum comfort and personalized treatment.





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