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Resmed AirCurve™ 11 ASV BiPAP Machine

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AirCurve™ 11 ASV* includes a widely clinically studied adaptive-servo ventilation therapy on the market for patients presenting with central sleep apnea (CSA), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), mixed apneas, and periodic breathing. The ASV* algorithm is designed to use each patient’s unique minute ventilation and respiratory rate to deliver therapy that stabilizes ventilation for more comfortable breathing throughout the night.

* ASV therapy is contraindicated in patients with chronic, symptomatic heart failure (NYHA 2-4) with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF ≤ 45%) and moderate to severe predominant central sleep apnea.

Resmed AirCurve™ 11 ASV BiPAP Machine Price in BD

ResMed AirCurve™ 11 ASV BiPAP machine is a sophisticated device designed to provide adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) therapy, primarily for patients with central sleep apnea (CSA), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), mixed apneas, and periodic breathing. Here are the key details about the product:

Features and Specifications:

  1. Auto-Adjusting Pressure Support: The AirCurve 11 ASV automatically adjusts the pressure levels based on the user’s breathing patterns, ensuring comfortable and effective therapy throughout the night​
  2. Built-In Humidification: The device includes an integrated HumidAir™ humidifier which can be adjusted manually for temperature and humidity levels. This helps prevent dryness and congestion​
  3. ClimateLineAir™ Tubing: This feature ensures the air is delivered at a consistent temperature, reducing condensation and improving comfort​
  4. myAir App: Provides online coaching and allows users to track their sleep therapy progress through interactive guidance and daily sleep scores
  5. FAA Approved: The AirCurve 11 ASV is approved for in-flight use, making it suitable for travelers​
  6. Data Connectivity: It has a built-in cellular modem that can send therapy data to healthcare providers, enabling remote monitoring and adjustments​
  7. Dimensions and Weight: With the humidifier, the machine measures 10.21″ x 3.72″ x 5.45″ and weighs approximately 2.69 pounds​
  8. Pressure Range: The device operates within a pressure range of 4-20 cm H2O​
  9. Ease of Use: The touchscreen interface and easy-breathe technology align the pressure settings with natural breathing patterns, enhancing user comfort​

Personalized support and powerful insights for improved support

AirCurve 11 comfort and support features are designed to encourage adherence to therapy by creating a more natural and helpful bilevel therapy experience. Designed to help drive positive outcomes, AirCurve 11 empowers providers to act on therapy insights, stay connected with patients, and improve support for bilevel care.

Research indicates patients with complex sleep apnea attained an almost 90% reduction of apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) when treated with ASV vs. a 65% AHI reduction when treated with CPAP. 1

Enhanced Air11 ecosystem features

As part of the Air11™ series, AirCurve 11 includes the ResMed myAir™ online support program and app, Care Check-In, and Personal Therapy Assistant, digital health solutions designed to help patients start and adhere to therapy. Care Check-In and Personal Therapy Assistant offer patients guided setup, troubleshooting support, and tailored coaching. It’s like having a personal coach at their fingertips.

In a ResMed survey, a majority of patients stated they felt confident they could use Personal Therapy Assistant with Air11 and that it would help them resolve future Air11 PAP device issues on their own, giving providers the peace of mind of knowing they’re helping them the tools to succeed. 2

Maintenance and Usage:

  • Cleaning: Daily or every other day, empty the water chamber to prevent bacteria growth. Weekly, clean the water tub, outlet connector, and tubing with warm water and mild soap, or use a dishwasher for the outlet connector and water tub​
  • Humidifier Options: The humidifier can be turned off if not needed by setting the humidity level to “Off” or using the optional Air11 Side Cover to make the device more compact​ 
  • Oxygen Compatibility: The device can be used with up to 15 L/min of supplemental oxygen​





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