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Resvent iBreeze BiPAP 30ST BIPAP Machine

Original price was: 95,000.00৳ .Current price is: 80,000.00৳ .

Pressure Range 4-30 cm H2O with Ramp of 0-60 min
Weight 1350
Electric Protocol 100-240v,50-60 Hz
Pressure Release 3 IPR Scale with auto 8 scale humidifier
Screen Size 5.0 Inch
Model 30ST
Data Recording 365 days with an accuracy of +-0.5 cm H2O

Resvent iBreeze BiPAP 30ST BIPAP Machine Price in BD

Resvent iBreeze series intelligent humidifier is designed with a plug-and-seal water tank. The system will continuously monitor the water level, and stop heating & give a visible alert, when the water level comes low, to avoid the patient’s discomfort led by dry air and deliver maximum safety. Auto-humidifier During respiration treatment, water condensation in the breathing circuit will affect the therapy and even threaten the safety of the patients. To solve the issue, a unique intelligent humidifier can apperceive the environment’s temperature & humidity and maintain the humidifying within a certain level so that there will not be condensation in the respiration hose or mask.

esvent BiPAP 30st (avaps) with  Humidifier


Modes               – CPAP, S, ST. AVAPS
Pressure Range- IPAP 4-30 cm H2O
Brand                 – Resvent
Usage                – Hospital, Clinic
Power                – 220 Volt
Model Number/Name- Resvent iBreeze 30 ST with AVAPS

Product Specification:-

CPAP pressure range     – 4-20 cmH2O
IPAP pressure range       – 4-30 cmH20/30 cmH20
EPAP pressure range      – 4-20 cmH20
AVAPS(only for 30ST, 30STA, Tech)
Static pressure accuracy – 0.5 cmH20
Dynamic pressure accuracy- 1 cmH20
PS (Pressure support)        – 0-10 cmH20 (only for 25A,
Respiratory rate                  –
(Backup frequency)
25STA, 30STA, Tech)
Rise Time                            – 0-50 bpm
Inspiratory trigger sensitivity- Min 150-900 ms
Expiratory trigger sensitivity – Auto, 1-5
CSS (Cluster scheme setting)- Auto, 1-5





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