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Sefam DreamStar Duo ST BIPAP Machine

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The FlowSens algorithm automatically adjusts the trigger thresholds and instantly allows the device to respond to changes in the patient’s respiratory demand. In addition, it detects and compensates for leaks.

The ADAPT screen allows the doctor to view the chosen therapy’s parameters and instantly adjust the device settings.

DreamStar Duo ST allows setting a backup frequency and an I/E ratio.

The BPAP DreamStar Duo St is a bi-level device designed to provide non-invasive pressure-supported ventilation (IA) for patients who are undergoing respiratory therapy or apnea/snoring treatment.

The Duo ST is the evolution of the BPAP Duo! It has all the features plus 2 new technologies:

1 – Greater Backup Frequency

2 – Control and safety of the patient’s breathing.

DreamStar Duo ST Features:

Automatic adjustment system

Automatic air leak compensation

Custom pressure range

“Mask Off” function

If you remove your mask briefly at night, the BPAP DuoST Evolve will automatically reduce the pressure, working at a low rate.

The device will turn off if you remove your mask while sleeping for more than 30 minutes.

This function is essential for patients who go to the bathroom or need to distance themselves from treatment at times.

Control and Store your data:

AHI, respiratory rate, estimated tidal volume, usage data for up to 1 year and detailed graphs for monitoring the patient with the doctor responsible for their treatment.

Store and send your data via a memory card and micro USB cable.

Auto/On Function:

You can start treatment with a single breath, and your device will start automatically.

I-Ramp Technology:

A smart function that customizes the most comfortable pressure on your BPAP Duo St Evolve, making falling asleep easier and more comfortable.

This system detects respiratory events while using BPAP while you sleep, so the device automatically increases or decreases the pressure until it reaches the pressure prescribed by your doctor.


You can use any mask and tube with the BPAP Duo ST! The versatility and flexibility ensure that the prescribed pressure is delivered regardless of the mask and tube model you choose.

Log in:

The BPAP Duo ST Evolve connects with the OxiLink module, synchronizing your oximetry data and linking the SefamConnect monitoring platform (a platform especially for healthcare professionals)

A system with humidity control:

Humid Control technology minimizes and controls all condensation in the patient circuit. Maintaining a stable level of humidity throughout the respiratory treatment.

DreamStar DuoSt Evolve Humidifier

The M-315510-14 humidifier is essential for anyone looking for comfort, as there are many benefits of using a humidifier during respiratory treatment.

This humidifier is easy to use and prevents dry lips and throat. Dryness is very common due to the high air flow generated by BPAP.


Remove from the packaging, press your fingers on the “Push” mark located on the humidifier;

Separate the BPAP Reservoir

Fill the reservoir with DISTILLED WATER up to the maximum level indicated.

Reinstall the humidifier on the BPAP DuoSt Evolve

Memory card

A memory card can be used as external memory support. In it you can:

Save surveillance data

Update the parameters of your BPAP settings.

Read the user manual to learn how to use the external memory card.

Maintenance and Hygiene of your BPAP Duo ST Evolve


Product Specification

Pressure Range (cm H2O) 3 CM H2O TO 25CM H2O
Operating Mode IPAP, EPAP, BI-LEVEL
Ramp Rate 0 to 45 min+/- 1 min
Warranty One year
Sound/Noise Level 27 db
Weight 1.5 kg with humidifier
Portable Yes
Dimensions 20cmx23cmx12cm
Application/Usage Hospital
Electrical Supply (Volts/V) 100-240VA

Product Description


-Modes: S, S/T & CPAP

-2.5″ colour LCD Screen

-Auto calibration

-Last 16 Hr flow data

-IPAP: 3- 25 cm H2O

-EPAP-3- 20 cm H2O

Parts & Accessories :

-Dreamstar Duo ST Unit

-Detachable Humidifier Chamber

-Disposable Adult Patient Mask & Tubing

-Power Chord

-User Manual




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