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Resmed AirFit™ F30i – Full Face Mask


AirFit™ F30i is a minimal-contact full-face mask designed to keep air tubing out of sight and out of your way, giving you the freedom to comfortably switch positions and sleep the way you want.

Tube-up freedom in  a full face mask

The AirFit F30i brings tube-up, under-the-nose freedom to ResMed’s full face mask portfolio. Twist and turn in bed, sleep in any position1, read and relax naturally: offer your sleep apnoea patients the luxury of a full face mask that’s designed to feel natural.

For ease of use

The secret behind this full-face mask’s comfortable and effective seal1 is its ultra-compact cushion design, which is curved to fit comfortably around the nose.1 It also features a quick-release elbow that makes it easy to disconnect the mask from the tubing.1

A gentle, low-key approach

The AirFit F30i is designed to overcome common barriers to therapy with a full face mask. Claustrophobia, inconvenience, personal appearance, discomfort2: the F30i delivers visual and physical freedom and eliminates the risk of red marks and discomfort on the nasal bridge.

Product highlights

  • Top-of-head connection keeps air tubing out of the way for more freedom
  • UltraCompact cushion rests under the nose to help prevent irritation and red marks
  • Preferred by both CPAP users and sleep professionals to DreamWear™ full face 123
  • Magnetic clips mean two simple snaps and your mask is on or off 4
  • Quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and

Please check the user guides for important warnings and precautions you need to know before and while using the products.

Do Not Use If: Masks with magnetic parts should not be used by people who have, or are in close contact with someone who has, any of these:

  • Medical implants that interact with magnets (like pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators, CSF shunts, or insulin pumps)
  • Metal implants or objects with ferromagnetic material (like aneurysm clips, stents, hearing implants with magnets, eye implants, or metal splinters in the eye)

Warning: Keep the mask magnets at least 6 inches (150 mm) away from any implants or medical devices that might be affected by magnets. This is important for both you and anyone near you when using the mask. The magnets are located in the frame and lower headgear clips and have a magnetic field strength of up to 400mT. While wearing the mask, the magnets secure it but might accidentally come apart during sleep. Implants or medical devices, including those mentioned above, can be affected if they change function or contain materials that are attracted to magnets (such as metal implants, dental implants, metal plates, screws, and bone substitutes). Check with your doctor and the maker of your implant or medical device about any possible issues with magnetic fields.

Frame Size

Small Wide, Medium, Large

Cushion Size

Small, Small Wide, Medium, Wide





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