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Resvent iBreeze 30STA Auto BIPAP Machine With Humidifier

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  • High-end Bi-level PAP machine eases symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome, COPD, pulmonary heart disease, and other diseases, improving users’ quality of life with comfort.
    Multi Modes
  • Multi modes for different demands Auto settings simplify operations to make you quickly get started.
    Comprehensive humidity solution
  • Automatic detection of ambient temperature and humidity
  • 8 levels of humidity
  • Anti-dry heating
  • Anti-back flow
    Remote Management
  • Automatic data upload to the cloud
  • View usage reports on multiple smart devices

Resvent iBreeze 30STA Auto BIPAP Machine With Humidifier Price in BD

The ResVent iBreeze STA30 Auto Advanced BiPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and Wifi is designed to make breathing therapy easier. It helps people who have trouble breathing during sleep. The machine adjusts the air pressure to support the airway, making breathing more comfortable. It can detect different breathing problems and adjust the airflow accordingly.

Key features of the machine include:

  • Easy-to-use controls and interface
  • Automatic features for convenient use
  • Heated humidifier to prevent dryness
  • Wifi connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Various therapy modes to treat different respiratory conditions
  • Intelligent pressure release for added comfort
  • Automatic humidifier adjustment based on room conditions
  • Alerts for low water levels to prevent damage

The machine also has a touch screen for easy operation and includes accessories like tubing, filters, and a carry bag. It’s suitable for patients and doctors, with easy setup and data management tools for tracking therapy progress.

Benefits include:

  • Backup modes for added safety
  • Adjustable pressure levels
  • Coloured touch screen for easy navigation
  • Compatibility with various masks
  • Automatic adjustments for altitude

You’ll find the machine itself, power supply, tubing, filters, SD card, carry bag, and a two-year warranty in the box. It also comes with a user manual for guidance. With its advanced features and ease of use, the iBreeze BiPAP machine offers comfortable and efficient therapy for better sleep.

Resident 30STA BIPAP Machine With Humidifier

Operating Mode CPAP S(30),S/T (30),T(30),PC,Auto S(30),Auto S/T(30)
Brand Resvent
Usage Hospital, Clinic, Personal
Model 30STA
Weight 1.35 Kg
Inspiratory Trigger Sensitivity Min 150-900 ms
Rise Time 0-50 BPM
Dynamic Pressure Accuracy 1 cmH20
Pressure Support 0-10 cmH20 (only for 30A)
EPAP Pressure Range 4-30 cmH20
CSS Auto,1-5
Expiratory Trigger Sensitivity Auto,1-5
Voltage 220 Volt
CPAP Pressure Range 4-20 cmH2O
IPAP Pressure Range 4-20 cmH20/30cm H2O
Screen 5 Inch, Color, Touch Screen





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