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Ventmed ST30 (VM-8) Auto BIPAP Machine

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The VentMed BiPAP VM8 is an upgrade of VM7 with a higher pressure of up to 30H2O and an additional APCV feature (Assistant Pressure Control Volume). VM8 BiPAP offers a wide range of therapy modes (S, Auto S, ST, Auto ST, T, PC, CPAP, APCV) to treat different respiratory conditions, severe or mild. With an intuitively designed screen, setting major values, switching between modes, and managing therapy data can be easier than ever before.

The Ventmed VM8 auto BIPAP machine delivers a bi-level therapeutic pressure and provides the ultimate comfort in sleep therapy. It can deliver pressure between 4-30 cm H2O and is an affordable solution for the ones looking for BiPAP at a budget price. Ventmed VM8 auto BIPAP machine offers many benefits at a budget-friendly price, like coming with a humidifier and supporting CPAP, auto, S, ST, T, autoS, APCV BiPAP operating modes, display, and more. It is manufactured by using the most advanced technologies and is loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Its unique algorithm to adjust pressure, breathing, and leakage makes users more comfortable. VentMed VM8 auto BiPAP Machine can also provide non-invasive ventilation for users with respiratory insufficiency in the hospital or at home.

Expiratory Pressure Relief

The VM8 BPAP automatically sets EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) function so you may find it easier to breathe out. This can help you get used to therapy.

You can set the expiratory pressure relief level to off (0) or between 1 and 3, where 1 is the lowest expiratory pressure relief, and 3 is the highest setting.

APCV for Optimum Pressure

The APCV (Assistant Pressure Control Volume) function automatically adjusts inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) and expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) for better efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, the auto bi-level machine can maintain the target tidal volume the user needs well.

ST Mode & Backup Rate (BUR)

A BPM value (Breaths per Minute) can be set as a backup rate in ST Mode. If the user’s spontaneous respiratory rate falls below that value, the device will add pressure to prompt him/her to breathe.

The machine intervening in the breathing can help the user inhale and exhale more easily during challenging conditions, lowering respiratory muscle workload. It can also give the user more oxygen and reduce CO2 in their bloodstream.

VM8 BiPAP – More Features To Know

Auto ON / OFF

Designed to make the device start automatically in a while after you wear a mask and stop the device from working automatically in 10 seconds after you take the mask away.

The Auto ON/OFF function can be turned off on the menu.

Smart Ramp Settings

It allows sleep apnea therapy to start from a low and pleasant pressure level when the user is still awake. Then, the air pressure is gradually ramped up to the correct level, and the user can easily fall asleep without even noticing the increment.

Sleep Tracking

It comes with a TF card that allows you to keep detailed data about your sleep disorder. The new TF card will allow you to store your sleep apnea information, enabling you to get therapy support from your doctor and compile compliance reports.

Alarm Settings

Designed to alarm when there is leakage. It can be set as ON or OFF.


It is less than 26 decibels (dB), making it quieter than a whisper and comparable to leaves rustling.

Key features of Ventmed VM8 auto Bipap Machine :
  • CPAP, auto, APVC, S, S T, T, autoS operating modes.
  • 2.8″ inch (320×240) display with on-screen airflow and pressure graphs.
  • Contemporary and stylish design.
  • EPR(expiratory pressure relief).
  • Auto-Leak & Altitude compensation.
  • In-built alarms.
  • Quiet operations with less than 28db sound.
Specifications of Ventmed VM8 auto BiPAP machine :
Product Name Ventmed VM8 auto Bipap Machine
Brand Ventmed
Model VM8
Operating Mode APCV,CPAP, auto, S, S / T, T, autoS
IPAP Range  4-30 cm H2O
EPAP Range 4-20 cmH2O
Sound Level < 28 dba
Color Black
Dimensions(cm) 29L x 15W x 10H(machine); 38.5L x 36.5W x 16H(1pc carton)
Weight(with humidifier) 1.7Kg(net weight); 4Kg(gross weight)
Auto ON/Off yes
Humidifier Level  Integrated Heated, 0-5 level
Ramp Time 0-60min adjustable 1 min/Step
In The Box Ventmed VM8 auto Bipap Machine with humidifier, mask, BiPAP tubing(hose), Power Adapter, Filter, Carry Bag, User Guide
Sales Package Content :
  • Ventmed VM8 auto Bipap Machine with a humidifier.
  • BiPAP tubing(hose).
  • Power adapter.
  • Filter.
  • Carry Bag.
  • User Guide
  • Mask





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